Quick Note: Webinar on Sunday

Dear all,
I hope this Friday evening finds you well. This is just a quick note to let you know about my upcoming webinar this Sunday, May 23 at 7:30 PM Eastern US time. [UPDATE: here's the link to ...

May 2021

Leo Full Moon

Full Moon at 7 Leo
SYDNEY: 3.38pm, January 27
LONDON: 4.38am, January 27
NEW YORK: 11.38pm, January 26
The Leo Full Moon spotlights leaders and reveals how taking charge could...

Jan 2013

Capricorn New Moon

New Moon in Capricorn at 21 degrees

Every Capricorn New Moon highlights ambition and brings reminders of how success is achieved through steady effort ov...

Jan 2013

Nondualism in Mahayana Buddhism

Dualism and nondualism (or non-duality) are words that come up frequently in Buddhism. Here is a very basic explanation of what these terms mean.
Dualism is a perception that something -- or ever...

Jan 1970

Buddha's Birthday

The birthday of the historical Buddha is celebrated on different dates by various schools of Buddhism. In most of Asia, it is observed on the first full moon date of the fourth month in the Chinese lu...

Jan 1970